Literary detective David Burke explores the most creative quartiers of the City of Light -- the Latin Quarter and the Marais, raffish Montmartre, “Lost Generation” Montparnasse, and others – and tracks down the haunts of dozens of the world's finest and most colorful writers.

From native Parisians such as Molière and Marcel Proust to expatriates like Henry Miller and Samuel Beckett, Writers in Paris follows their artistic struggles and miraculous breakthroughs, along with the splendors and miseries of their invariably complicated personal lives.   Burke also pinpoints key places in the lives of fictional characters, including Gargantua's ribald visit to the towers of Notre Dame and Vladimir and Estragon's wobbly first step onto the stage of an obscure little Left Bank theater.

With maps, descriptions, and more than one hundred photographs, Writers in Paris gives us a fresh, fascinating way of looking at the city and its unparalleled role in literature.